How To Do A Sick Burnout

For a certain breed of car owner, "doing a doughie" is a quintessential rite of passage. Unfortunately, the rise of electric cars and gentrified teenagers is forcing this bogan artform into terminal decline. When there are no V8 engines left, who will teach the next generation of be-mulleted revheads?

Fortunately, the guys at Engineering Explained have preserved this important knowledge for the parking lots of our future. Sick, bro.

The Engineering Explained YouTube channel attempts to answer one question in all its myriad forms: "How do cars work?" They also look at the fun side of automobile ownership - including burnouts.

"The process of doing a burnout is fairly straight forward," the channel explains. "For an automatic transmission, mash both pedals. For a manual, press in the clutch, put the car in first gear, rev up the engine, dump the clutch, and immediately position your left foot onto the brake to hold the car in place. It takes practice to know what RPM the engine should start at, and also modulating the throttle and brake to hold the car in place."

For more information, check out the full instructional video above. Engineering Explained also offers this safety disclaimer:

"The process of doing a burnout could cause your car to explode into a thousand pieces. To be safe, you should never do one."

Thanks, guys.


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