Here's Some Data On What Everyone Earns, According To The ATO

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Want to know what each profession makes? What about the highest and lowest earning postcodes? Or what incomes are like between genders? The ATO has released a massive trove of salary information this week, so consider the floodgates of data open!

There's a lot there, so it's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack at times, but at least with digital haystacks there's Control + F.

Still, using the official data maps can be quite difficult. It'd probably be easier - and more fun - to play with the data yourself, whether that's through your own coding or web services like

Over at News, some of that work has already been done, so you can cast your eyes on the pretty charts with data already plugged in.

Such as this one, which displays the average income for the top 10 earning jobs:

Or this one, which displays the distribution of part-time jobs by gender:

[Via News]


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