Does NetSuite Support Professional Services Automation In Their Main Product?

Yesterday, we ran a story discussing how to choose business software. In the comments kal0psia asked "Are there any plans to build a PSA in the actual Suite platform rather than integrating into OpenAir? Last time I checked this still wasn't the case". I followed this up with NetSuite and have an answer..

Craig Sullivan is NetSuite's Senior Vice President of Enterprise and International Products. He is in charge of managing the cloud-based ERP company's product roadmap. During today's keynote address he delivered an address covering some of the new features being rolled out in the NetSuite product.

We had a chance to ask Sullivan about kal0psia's question regarding Professional Services Automation (PSA).

He said "Absolutely, NetSuite provides Services Resource Planning (SRP) capabilities built into the suite for businesses that can benefit from the best of our business process automation and cross departmental workflows".

Hopefully, that answers your question kal0psia.

Anthony Caruana attended SuiteWorld 2017 in Las Vegas as a guest of NetSuite.


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