Briefly: 457 Visas, Smaller Electronics, An Uber With An NES

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Turnbull gets rid of 457 visas for skilled workers, Australian scientists find a way to shrink our electronics even further, and imagine being lucky enough to play NES games in the back of your uber.

  • Malcolm Turnbull has scrapped 457 visas for skilled workers, vowing to replace it with something else while putting Australians first for skilled jobs. [Business Insider]
  • This clever Uber driver has fitted the back of his car with a classic NES. Instant five stars. [Kotaku]
  • Australian scientists have managed to make a single molecule into a diode, one of the basic building blocks of modern electronics. This will eventually lead to smaller electronics. [Lifehacker]
  • A crafty Zelda player has "re-accommodated" an NPC all the way across the map so it finds the other iteration of itself. There are no paradoxes destroying the world, but some stuff does go down. [Kotaku]
  • People playing Jenga with a fire whip, catching the giant Jenga game on fire? I could be that cool... If I wanted to... [Gizmodo]


    Take the 457, Add a 1 to it, release as new policy. The new 458 Visa.

    Some of the exciting industries Mr Trunbull is ensuring *only* Aussie unemployed can apply for - with 458 visas banned - are:

    * Golfer
    * Sports umpire
    * Jockey
    * Television Presenter
    * Auctioneer
    * Goat Farmer
    * Cattery Operator
    * Caravan Park Manager
    * Knob Polisher (I kid you not)

    Because Mr Trunbull is not painting lipstick on a pig, oh no, he is putting Australia First. Australia First.

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