Ask LH: Why Isn’t Channel Nine Working?

Ask LH: Why Isn’t Channel Nine Working?
Image: Channel Nine
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Dear Lifehacker, I keep getting signal drop outs several time a day on my TV. It only seems to affect Channel 9. This has been going on for months. The drop out is long enough that when it returns, the programme has already moved on so you miss the plot – very annoying when watching a whodunnit! Do you have any idea what could be causing is and how I might be able to fix it? Thanks, TV Blues

Dear TB,

There are a number of things that could be causing the issue, so let’s start with checking all the cables around the back of your TV area, just to make sure. Next, have a fiddle with the lights in the house — it doesn’t sound like there’s a correlation between lights and your reception, but some LED lights have been known to interfere with signals. Here’s a guide on how to make sure other electronics aren’t interfering with your signal.

You can also check the OzDigitalTV website to see how far you are from a station, and how much power it has. If you’re over 50km away, it could be a distance issue.

The Digital Ready site can also give you information about the distance and location of your local station, and clicking on the links on the left will give you information about how to set up your antenna, the frequencies of each station, and if it’s predicted that you’ll have problems with any particular station.

Channel Nine recommends keeping a signal strength meter on your TV while adjusting your antenna, which should be found in the menu section of your TV.

It’s probably worth checking with your neighbours as well to see if they have similar issues. If not, the problem is more likely to be on your end.

If all else fails, but your internet is fine and you really want to watch some Channel Nine shows, the 9Now service has launched which lets you stream shows live.


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  • This is very amusing to read… I’m wondering if it’s not something deeper because this is also happening (Though only in second long bursts of static) through the 9Now app as well even when nothing else is using the network. 9 seem to be having some very serious issues.

  • I also have this problem when there is particularly windy weather. You are probably just in a bad location.

  • Been wondering about this myself but not with Ch9.

    Every day from roughly 4:30pm – 5:30pm on Ch10 the signal drops out or is extremely choppy. Every other time of the day is fine and every other channel at the above time work fine. Also we have 1 antenna on the roof of the house that services 3 other TV’s, yet their signal is always uninterrupted.

    Live 3.5km from Adelaide CBD with the antenna directed to the main Crafers transmitter.

    Software on the TV is up to date, re-scanned the channels many times and still have troubles. I cant see it being a fault with the TV as the other 23hrs of the day there’s no issue.

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