6 Things The Samsung Galaxy S8 Can Do That The iPhone Can’t

Samsung's new flagship phone, the Galaxy S8, goes on sale on April 28. As is tradition, the world's tech-heads have been busy comparing how the new phone's features compare to its iOS rival. Following extensive hands-on testing, our colleagues at Tech Insider have put together a video showing everything the S8 has that the iPhone lacks. Watch and judge for yourself!

How To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8+ In Australia

Samsung's shiny new Galaxy smartphones officially go in sale on April 28. If you're planning to sign up to a new mobile contract and want to bag yourself a Galaxy S8 or S8+ in the process, here are the available plans from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile. We've also included some tips for those who want to buy the phones outright.

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[Via Business Insider]


    "Chris Jäger Samsung" 19.6M results.
    "Chris Jäger Apple" 305,000 results.
    Seems legit.

      You forgot to put quotes around the name:

      "Chris Jäger" Samsung: 26,900 results.
      "Chris Jäger" Apple: 40,000 results.

        That explains it. Much better. Still felt more legit before, but perhaps that's because the Galaxy S8 is brand-new and is therefore getting some attention.

      Without quotes, on my Google it's 377,000 results vs. 25,400,000 results... in Apple's favour.
      With quotes, it's 1 each - this article.

    @Zombie Jesus friend I appreciate you. iPhone is the best smartphone in the world Samsung released many mobiles and 4GB, 6GB RAM than Samsung mobile working great. When Samsung released 4GB or 6GB that time iPhone have only 1GB RAM and working fast never a hanging problem and also I didn't listen to any news iPhone got virus attack and hanging problem.Everyone have a different choice but what I know and listen its iPhone is the best smartphone in the world.

    Kinda feels like the video representation of two 10-year olds having a "my phone's better than yours" argument

      Agree. A little bit too much value judgment in there. I also feel like "it still has a headphone jack!" is much more a scathing criticism of the iPhone 7 than a standout feature of the S8.

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