15 Skills They Don't Teach You In School [Infographic]

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Learning how to grow and successfully manage your finances is one of the most important life skills there is. Unfortunately, the education system is not the most effective tutor. This infographic contains 15 tried-and-trusted skills that will help you to build money and find success all aspects of your life. They share one thing in common: none of them are taught at school.

The infographic below was created by Medium contributor James Altucher. It outlines 15 skills that everyone should spend some time each day learning. Combined, they purport to provide the necessary skills for any kind of real-life success. As Altucher boasts:

"These skills will put you way ahead of any competition. You will be your own category. You can learn these skills (sometimes) on the job, or in online settings. Or by reading."

This graphic is meant to provide a taster to whet your appetite. For a more detailed overview, be sure to check out the full post over on Medium.

We're not entirely convinced by this manifesto, particularly the call to ditch university. Nevertheless, there are some kernels of wisdom here - we like the concept of building your days around a 'theme' rather than a 'goal' and always sending people to the best resource (even if it's a competitor.)

Click on the image for an enlarged version:

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    It's amazing we have public schooling for 12 years, and most people still come out as imbeciles

      it's pretty crazy right? that needed life skills aren't taught in school! I simple... this is how to write a resume and cover letter... this is how to do a and present to a job interview ,etc would of been perfect to learn in school. Here's how to do your taxes... Just basic stuff that every adult needs to know should be taught in school. also the infographic seems targeted towards people in sales ,etc or someone in a pyramid scheme.

    Should they teach about SEX "Idea Sex" ??? and there should be practical classes to know about success :P

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