YouTube Roundup: Dashcam Disasters, Professional Self Portraits, Alien Covenant Prologue

Image: Canon

The best online videos of the week, including: The best action films of the modern era (with trailers), watch the full Alien: Covenant prologue, how does a photographer’s experience change when portraits become truly personal?

  • If Dash Cam Owners Australia has taught us anything, it's that terrible drivers are everywhere. Watch their latest compilation here.
  • Canon Australia’s The Lab series recently challenged three photographers to capture a self portrait on the spot. You can watch a video of their efforts here.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has a new trailer which you can view above. Watch it here.
  • Alien: Covenant has a full-blown prologue which you can watch for free. Click here.
  • Gizmodo has counted down the 50 best action films of the modern era. See their choices here.
  • The new promo video for the Australian federal Department of Finance grad program is terrible and reportedly cost nearly $40,000 to make. Judge for yourself here.


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