Watch Every Star Wars Movie For Free… On PornHub

Watch Every Star Wars Movie For Free… On PornHub

The Star Wars movie saga is only available on a handful of streaming sites in Australia. However, it’s possible to watch them all for free by navigating the wretched hive of scum and villainy known as PornHub. Just be prepared to see lots of ads for penis enlargements and horny “milfs” in your area. This is the price you pay for being a space porn pirate.

Before anyone asks, no, I did not stumble across this fact myself. The tip comes via the Reddit community r/FullMoviesOnPornhub which is dedicated to finding full movies hidden in plain view on the famous porn site. (Note: These are the actual movies, not porno parodies, which would make a lot more sense.)

The reason uploaders choose this site over “mainstream” video sharing services like YouTube is simple: it has a far less sophisticated copyright filter. This allows pirates to drop full movies into the wild without rights holders instantly removing them.

Pornhub user Freeentertainment has uploaded every single Star Wars movie from A New Hope through to to Rogue One. At the time of writing, The Force Awakens alone had been viewed nearly 60,000 times on the site. We can’t help but wonder how many of these viewers were originally searching for Star Wars-themed pornography. (We’re guessing a lot.)

Naturally, these uploads are a clear violation of copyright laws so visiting the website could be risky. Well, even riskier than usual. Remember: what has been seen cannot be unseen.

[Via Gizmodo.]


  • So basically, this article is blatantly promoting copyright violation? I mean I get how it might be above board when things are somewhat murky (ethically, not legally), like unblocking Netflix, but this is outright illegal…

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