What To Drink With Steak If You Don’t Like Red Wine

What To Drink With Steak If You Don’t Like Red Wine

Red wine and steak is a classic pairing for a reason — they taste great together — but not everyone can handle all of those tannins. Fortunately, there are many other beverages that work with a perfectly-cooked hunk of meat, and most of them are quite boozy.

Photo by Marcus Hansson.

The Kitchn has a lot of great suggestions in the link below, both alcoholic and ethanol-free, but these are my personal favourites:

  • Martinis: An ice-cold martini, garnished with an olive, is my go-to steak dinner beverage. Slightly savoury and palate cleansing, this classic cocktail compliments a rich steak without competing for attention or over-saturating your palate.
  • Beer: The Kitchn recommends both stouts and porters for their ability to hold their own against a rich cut of beef, but make sure you go for a brew with a bit of bitterness to help cut through all that richness. (I would avoid chocolate stouts and the like.)
  • Whiskey: Smokey scotch and spicy rye are both good choices, even without any mixers, but a simple whiskey cocktail like a Manhattan would work too.

If you want to go the non-alcoholic route, the Kitchn Suggest cranberry or pomegranate juice, though I would personally recommend a little beverage known as “Diet Coke”. Diet Coke goes well with everything.

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