What Features Have You Recently Discovered On Your Devices?

What Features Have You Recently Discovered On Your Devices?

Although I’m a multi-platform user – I flip between a Mac, iOS on an iPad Pro and a Windows 10 system – my days as a Windows power user are probably behind me. So I’m still discovering features that many people would know about. One of those is Windows Hello which allows you to complete secure authentication through facial recognition.

I was trawling through all the press releases and news I read via email and RSS I check each day and a story at MSPowerUser caught my eye. It describes how to add Windows Hello support to your PC on the cheap.

But that got me thinking. What functions and features have you learned about that everyone else thinks are obvious?

There are dozens on the Mac and iOS. Apple seems determined to “simplify” their operating systems so much that they are making the interface increasingly opaque. For example, I discovered by accident that I could request the desktop version of a webpage on my 12.9-inch iPad Pro by tap-holding the refresh button on the Safari address bar.

So, what features or functions have you discovered on your smartphone, tablet or computer that seem obvious in retrospect?