Use Bubble Wrap To Insulate Your Sous Vide Tub

Use Bubble Wrap To Insulate Your Sous Vide Tub

I have long used bubble wrap as a stress-relieving device, but it turns out those sheets of air pockets have another use that is extremely pertinent to my life: Sous vide insulation.

Photo by cotaro70s.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Will It Sous Vide? Little Jars Of Cake” excerpt=”Hello, sous-vide fam, and welcome back to another instalment of Will It Sous Vide?, the column where I make things with my immersion circulator.”]

This idea was suggested to me by Robert Volz of Neat, and I love it for its elegant simplicity. As someone who is frequently sous vide-ing many foods, it just makes good sense to keep the bath insulated in some way. This prevents water from evaporating during long hot tub sessions, and makes life a little easier on my immersion circulator by trapping in heat. I’ve used plastic wrap with a good bit of success, but it isn’t reusable, and is prone to tearing after just one use. (I also have the worst time manipulating plastic wrap out of anyone I’ve ever met. I think it’s genetic, as my father wrestles with it too.)

Bubble wrap is not only sturdier — and super cheap — but can be cut to fit whatever tub or Cambro you may be using. Just float it on the top of the water and, when you’re all done, dry it off and store it until next time. You’ll keep heat and water in, without having to go through rolls of annoying, clingy plastic wrap.

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