Try This Test For Hidden Hearing Loss

Try This Test For Hidden Hearing Loss

Do you have trouble hearing people in noisy places? If you do, a regular hearing test won’t necessarily detect a problem with your ears. But a new type of test, which you can try right here, should give a different result.

The test, developed for the Associated Press by the Mailman Center for Child Development at the University of Miami, is just a recording that asks you to repeat a few sentences. The trick is that with each sentence, a staticky background noise gets louder and louder. I made it most of the way to the end of the track, but if you start having trouble on the second or third sentences, you may have hidden hearing loss.


  • I feel like I’m one of those people, as I feel like I struggle hearing what people say in loud venues, sometimes even things like restaurants.

    However I had no consistent issues with this test, there were a few parts I did struggle with, but I could still pick up things towards the end

  • The problem is background noise at a restaurant or party isn’t just white noise. It’s other people talking, some with voices similar to those who are talking to you. None of these tests are ever fair because it doesn’t match what we actually experience.. which is background noise that is very similar to the content we are trying to hear.

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