Tractor Hacking Is Now A Thing

Tractor Hacking Is Now A Thing

There’s been an uproar over new software locks that prevent farmers from performing their own repairs on John Deere tractors. But the farmers have struck back, by using tractor firmware that has been cracked in Eastern Europe.

The story, over at Motherboard, says farmers are paying for access to online forums where the hacked firmware is available.

Without the hacked firmware, farmers are unable to repair their own tractors – a real hassle if you’re working and don’t have time to wait for a repairer to make the trip to help out.

A new license agreement that was pushed onto farmers last year forbids nearly all repair and modification to farming equipment, and prevents farmers from suing for “crop loss, lost profits, loss of goodwill, loss of use of equipment … arising from the performance or non-performance of any aspect of the software.”

That’s one heck of a EULA.


  • The same thing is happening with motor vehicles which is creating redundancy among neighbourhood family workshops and/or mobile mechanics.
    Being forced to take a vehicle to the service centre of vehicle dealerships is a rip-off adding hundreds of dollars to a basic maintenance service.
    $15.00 to add 50 ml of cleaning fluid to a windscreen washer container is daylight robbery.

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