The Secret To Adding Time To Coin-Op Dryers

The dryer in my building never dries a load in one cycle, which means I end up paying for two dry cycles when my clothes really only need one and a half per load. That’s a waste of energy, money and time. So, when I heard about this trick to add time incrementally, I had to give it a try. After all, it would only cost me 25 cents.

Image from benuski.

Some dryers are an “all or none” model, where you have to put in a certain amount of money to start the cycle at all. As Nicole Dieker shares on The Billfold, the secret is to add more coins past the minimum amount required to start a cycle. In my case, it costs $1 for one dry cycle. When I added $1.25 instead, it added five minutes. It sounds silly, but I was almost giggling with joy that this minor (but frequent) annoyance in my life was now solved! Now, I only have to pay for one and a half dry cycles because that’s what I need.

If you’re lucky and your dryer door doesn’t lock when a cycle starts, then you can probably just open the door when your clothes are dry and put in another load without having to feed the machine more coins.