The Easiest Way To Put Contact Lenses In

The Easiest Way To Put Contact Lenses In

Contact lenses are the best — but they can be incredibly tricky to get in. If you’re just getting started with contacts, or if you’ve always had trouble, here’s one easy trick to help you get them in.

I started wearing glasses when I was eight, and as an active kid I switched to contact lenses not long after. I don’t have any problems inserting them after so many years, but there’s one small thing I do that makes it so much easier. Maybe it won’t work for everyone, but hopefully it will help.

Starting with the contact lens on the index finger of your dominant hand, use the middle finger of that hand to pull down your bottom eyelid and your other hand to pull up the top lid. Now here’s the trick: while you position the lens over your eye, focus your vision in the middle distance — for instance, looking at yourself in the mirror. If you try and look at the contact lens that’s now very close to your eye, you’ll instinctively try to blink.

Still focusing on the mirror, bring the contact lens right down to your eye and as soon as its almost touching, change your focus to look at the contact lens. The shift in focus should pop the lens straight onto your eye with little fuss.

Of course part of the ‘trick’ of getting contacts in is just practice — the more you have your fingers close to your eye, the less your eyes ‘respond’ to the invasion of their space. Good luck!

Do you have a different trick to help get your contacts in? Let us know in the comments!


  • I find getting them in easy enough. It’s getting them out again at the end of the day that I find really difficult.

    • As someone with long nails, I feel this. And this is why I wear monthlies.

  • I’m a guy who couldn’t even have drops put in. But did not want to wear glasses at my own wedding so fought long and hard to get used to contacts. This same technique is what I use now. I may only wear them once every few weeks now – but I know when I use this technique I’m not going to end up with sore, red eyes.

  • When my arms got too short to read the newspaper, I started using reading glasses. I quickly graduated to bifocals and trifocals then then started wearing multifocal contacts . My eye doctor told me ti wouldn’t be easy for a man in his 50’s to learn how to insert contact lenses. What works for me is to use a magnifying mirror so I can clearly see the lens. When I know how close my finger is to my eye, I’m much less likely to flinch.

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