Ten Tips And DIY Guides For World Backup Day

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March 31 is World Backup Day - an annual event geared towards backing up all your personal data. Whether you work with digital files for a living or just have a bunch of photos sitting on your smartphone, you need to put systems in place to insure against data loss - right now. Here are ten helpful guides to help you on your backup journey: from saving your Windows' Start Menu layout to backing up your kid's iPad.

  • Make A Backup Of Your Start Menu Layout By Copying This Folder: If you spent a lot of time tweaking your Start Menu to your liking, you'll want to make sure you don't lose it. Fortunately, you can backup your layout by making a copy of a hidden folder.

  • How To Set Automatic Backups With Windows 10's Built-in Tools: If you don’t have a backup system in place already, today’s the day you build one. In about 15 minutes, we’ll finally get your computer and all of its precious data backed up on a regular schedule. It’s mostly painless in Windows 10, and it’s easier than ever.

  • Back Up Your iPhone To An External Hard Drive With A Terminal Command: If you have a large storage iPhone, you might not have the space to back it up locally on your hard drive, especially if you’re working with a laptop’s SSD. OS X Daily points out that with a little Terminal magic, you can set up iTunes on your Mac to back up your iPhone to an external hard drive.

  • How To Upgrade To A New Android Phone And Take Everything With You: Congratulations, you just got a brand new Android phone! If you’re lucky, you got a great deal and a huge upgrade. But your old handset has been with you for years, and it’s set up the way you like with all of your apps, contacts and settings. Here’s how to move all of that precious data to your new phone.

  • You Can Use Azure To Back Up Individual Windows Computers: Backup is one of the most obvious uses for cloud computing. A new update to Azure now allows individual Windows 7, 8 and 8. 1 machines to be automatically backed up into Azure.

  • Speed Up CrashPlan Backups And Free Up CPU Power With These Scripts: We love CrashPlan for its inexpensive, unlimited and automated backup service, but many of us have seen terrible upload speeds or high CPU usage when CrashPlan is running. This might be the fix you need.

  • How To Automatically Back Up And Purge Your Gmail Every 30 Days: If the Sony hack has taught us anything, it’s that keeping incriminating emails in your inbox is a terrible idea. If someone gets into your email, everything you’ve ever said could be out in the open. Here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen by automatically backing up and deleting everything in your Gmail account on a schedule.

  • Easily Back Up And Clone Raspberry Pi SD Cards: The Raspberry Pi is a great little machine for all kinds of experiments, but since it's often pushed to its limits, it's nice to have backups around. Blogger Matthew Hoskins shows how to backup, restore, customise and clone your Raspberry Pi SD cards right on the Pi itself.

  • How To Back Up Your Kid's School iPad: "The dog deleted my homework" doesn't cut it in the modern classroom, so students need to backup their work on their school-approved iPads. We look at the free and affordable backup options that every parent needs to know about.
  • The Five Best Online Backup Services: Everyone's got at least one horror data loss story to tell. Computer errors and hard drive crashes can hit at any time — usually when it's going to be the most inconvenient — so it's worthwhile to look into an online backup service to keep all your precious memories and valuable information safe.


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