Tell Us About Your Worst First Day On The Job

Tell Us About Your Worst First Day On The Job

Your first day on the job is always a stressful experience. You have to put your best foot forward, make good first impressions, learn the landscape of social relationships in the office, and actually do whatever you’re being paid to do. But it doesn’t always go so smoothly.

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We want to hear about the times when your first day on the job hasn’t gone so well. Perhaps you put your foot in your mouth without realising you were talking to a superior. Maybe you made a huge error on the first day that cost your company loads of money. Who knows, maybe you crashed your car through the front door. We’ll be discussing the nuts and bolts of starting a new job on an upcoming episode of our podcast, The Upgrade, and want to share your stories of what not to do.

You can email us a voice memo to [email protected] or leave a voicemail at (347) 687-8109. Try to keep your message under two minutes and we may feature you on the show! You can also tell us your story in the comments below.


  • I left an organisation I absolutely loved being at due to a change in my employment contract, found a new position at a major cancer treatment provider and was ignored by staff for the first day, this includes a 3-hour disciplinary department meeting that had nothing to do with me but I had to sit through it.

    That night I broke down for the first time ever in my working career and by the end of the week I was diagnosed with dysthymia and generalised anxiety disorder in which 5 years later I’m still seeking treatment.

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