Switch In Command Prompt For PowerShell in Windows 10

Switch In Command Prompt For PowerShell in Windows 10

The new Creators Update for Windows 10 will pack in a bunch of new features. As has been evident for a while, PowerShell has been replacing CMD for some time. But for those who still prefer the Command Prompt, MSPowerUser reports there will still be a way to modify the File Explorer’s context menu so you can open a Command Promt rather than PowerShell for a folder.

The process requires a few changes to the Windows Registry, where you can even get rid of PowerShell if you prefer.

There’s a video you can watch, or step-by-step instructions over at MS PowerUser.

How to replace PowerShell with Command Prompt on File Explorer’s Context Menu in Windows 10[MS PowerUser]


  • STUPID!!!
    PowerShell can do everything CMD can yet not the same the other way. Simply modify your powershell window if you don’t like the look of it

    • Because enterprises can have100s, 1000s of scripts that run under the CMD shell and not under posh. And until those scripts can be converted to signed PowerShell scripts and can be reinjected into SCCM or what ever other management system they are using CMD will always have its place.

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