Soon, Domino’s Will Deliver Your Pizzas *Anywhere*

Soon, Domino’s Will Deliver Your Pizzas *Anywhere*

Today, Domino’s — which calls itself a technology company, not a pizza company — has two announcements. One is a little bit silly, but the other one is just about the best thing ever in the existence of humanity.

The first announcement is that Domino’s is launching ‘DRU Assist’ — a “transactional virtual assistant”, an artificial intelligence that lets customers “get a great deal” while ordering their pizzas faster and while also finding out what’s new. It’s essentially the equivalent of a Facebook Messenger bot for ordering a stuffed crust BBQ Meatlovers.

It’ll work either over text input on Domino’s website, or voice recognition through the company’s various mobile apps on iOS and Android. DRU Assist has a “cheeky, fun personality”, too — just great. Domino’s pizza AI will become available today in beta for public consumption. We think that’s a bit silly, to be honest.

What is genuinely useful, though, is Domino’s new Anywhere delivery service. It’s simple in concept — Domino’s Anywhere will let customers drop a location pin pretty much anywhere within range of a Domino’s store, even if it doesn’t have a street address. Think of parks, beaches, rivers — anywhere you might be chilling out and therefore interested in a piping hot slice of pizza.

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  • You know what would be even better? If Dominos didn’t systematically rip off its workers, then handball the blame to its franchisees while its directors sit back and make millions off some of the nation’s most vulnerable workers.

  • And I was thinking “Anywhere” was TRULY anywhere. Anyone up for the next moon mission being a Domino’s delivery?

  • “Domino’s Anywhere”.

    That’s getting close to when ISPs used to announce ‘Unlimited’ downloads that were only unlimited if you agreed to their T&Cs which meant they weren’t unlimited.

    Anywhere in this context is only ‘anywhere’ if you’re near a Domino’s store. Ergo – it really isn’t ‘anywhere’ at all, but a small subset of populated Australia. Still a great idea, but can we please put all the people who come up with advertising campaigns like this onto the ‘B’ Ark from HHGTTG?

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