So Long, Friends. Be Excellent To Each Other

So Long, Friends. Be Excellent To Each Other
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I’ve had a blast at Lifehacker Australia. Now it’s time for me to say goodbye.

Today is my last day at Lifehacker Australia. I’m really awful with goodbyes and did contemplate slipping away silently like that gif of Homer Simpson sinking into the bushes. But I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of Lifehacker’s readers and commenters.

Out of all the online publications I’ve worked for Lifehacker has the most vocal audience. I love the hearty (and often hilarious) discussions that happen at the bottom of our articles.

Our eagle-eyed readers also keep us all on our toes here at the Lifehacker office, and that’s one of the best things about working here. Your feedback makes us all better journalists.

I’m thankful for the opportunities Lifehacker has given me and I feel truly lucky to have met so many awesome people in this job. I’ve been able to travel to some amazing IT conferences, write about topics that are close to my heart that have resonated with others, and put my stomach on the line for fun (as well as for your viewing pleasure).

I’ll be starting a new job in a completely new field of work very soon. Well, I got a job in IT, so I haven’t strayed that far from what I know as an IT journalist.

In last year’s How I Work series, I said the best advice I had ever received was to be generous with compliments:

There are enough arseholes out there who are highly critical of others and are unrelenting in bringing others down. At the risk of sounding like a New Age hippie, why not be a rare light of positivity in a world full of shit?

I hope when I’m gone you’ll all remember to be excellent to each other.

Wish me luck, folks! Be seeing you!


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