Self-Discipline Starts With An Early Start

Self-Discipline Starts With An Early Start

We’ve previously talked about how you can wake up earlier, but we don’t often look at why starting your day sooner is beneficial. Beyond the obvious bonuses, there’s one that’s less apparent: it’s literally the first step to better self-discipline.

Over at The Muse, Roomi CEO and founder Ajay Yadav has penned a succinct article outlining why he gets up at 5am every day, snooze alarm be damned.

Of the points he makes, it’s his third that really hits home if you’ve been struggling to change your routine in other ways, say, squeezing in more regular exercise or teaching yourself a new skill, yet been indulging in more sleep:

Building discipline is like building muscle: For example, every time I work on my side plank, despite the burn, I strengthen my obliques. Similarly, every time I force myself out of bed, I strengthen my discipline — not just for the next morning, but for life. These days, for instance, I’m better able to focus on a single task. I’m keeping habits I never could before.

It’s pretty basic stuff — if you can’t find the willpower to pull back the covers, it doesn’t really bode well for every other activity in your day, almost all of which require more effort. So, if you want to work on yourself, why not start with getting up an hour, even 30 minutes, earlier?

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