Security Scorecard: Tech 0, Stupid 1

Security Scorecard: Tech 0, Stupid 1

Weak passwords, unlocked devices and disabled security software can make your data vulnerable. But leaving a laptop in a car where opportunistic thieves (or serious criminals) can access it will make security pros pull their hair out. In related news, it seems a Secret Service agent will be staying back after work for some extra security training this week…

As reported by CBS, a secret service laptop was recently stolen from a backpack left in a car. Amongst the items on the computer were files about Pope Francis, information on Hilary Clinton, data pertaining to the Trump Tower and a few other handy nuggets.

Although the device is supposedly secured with hard disk encryption and other “mulitple layers of security” according to a Secret Service spokesperson, every security expert I’ve ever interviewed and spoken to says once a threat actor has physical access to a device all bets are off.

This might be a good time to remind your staff to not leave their laptop, tablet or smartphone in the car.

Laptop with Trump, Clinton information stolen from Secret Service [CBS News]


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