Major Home Design Styles Around The World Explained [Infographic]

If you're hunting for a new home to rent or buy, you've probably come across real estate listings that use specific design terminology like "traditional ranch" or "craftsman." If you have no idea what those terms mean, Part Select put together an infographic that runs you through the basics.

The chart walks you through many common housing types and specific features like siding style, roof type, window type, and more. For example, a mid-century modern is often characterised by a flat or gabled roof, oversized windows, open spaces inside, and a double-wide entry door.

Meanwhile, a cottage style home takes a different approach with a steep overhanging roof, cross gables, window boxes, and smaller panes. It's an interesting set of knowledge that's useful not only if you're looking for a new place to live, but also if you just enjoy wandering around neighbourhoods to look at houses.

[Via PartSelect]


    Shouldn't that be "Major Home Design Styles" of the US, Brittain and France? Nothing in there covers anything to do with Australia.

      Many of these architectural styles have made it across the Pacific.

        A few sure, but there is no Aussie content there, which is what I was looking for, you know, being Aussie and all. ;)

          You'd be astonished by the amount of US-centric content we toss away each day. I felt this one was interesting enough to warrant inclusion.

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