Most Bill Providers And Credit Card Issuers Let You Change Your Due Date

Most Bill Providers And Credit Card Issuers Let You Change Your Due Date

When you budget, you typically organise your finances around the days you get paid and the days your bills are due. If your due dates aren’t convenient, many bill providers will allow you to change them.

I like to keep my finances simple, so I prefer to pay all of my bills at once rather than stagger them throughout the month. This way, I know just how much I have left over after I get paid.

If you’re on a bi-monthly schedule, you might prefer to split things up and pay half your bills on the first pay period and the other half on the second. Either way, if your due dates don’t exactly line up, you can usually change them, whether it’s a utility bill, credit card statement and so on.

If you can’t change your due date online, you might give them a call and ask over the phone. Just a quick PSA to let you know you have some flexibility.


  • And now for the actual bit of important information for this article they didn’t bother writing for some reason…

    If you do this, you’ll likely be billed a ‘pro-rata’ amount up until that changed date. The amount accrued up until then. You’ll then be immediately billed that amount (or very close to the next due date, they may even add the pro-rata amount to the next bill and it’ll seem somewhat higher). Seems obvious right? Well, the article just made it sound like you can change it and voila. So I thought I’d add it anyhow 🙂

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