Make Your Own Delicious Frozen Yogurts Using A Blender

You don't need an ice-cream machine or any fancy tools to make frozen yogurt at home. You can make it in a regular processor or blender. Here's how.

YouTube channel Bigger Bolder Baking detailed an easy way to create five different flavours of frozen yogurt. The host used a food processor for the demonstration but you can use a blender; you'll just need to move the ingredients around a bit to ensure everything is blended well.

The frozen yogurt uses a base of yogurt (of course), cream cheese and honey. Depending on what flavour you want, you'll add in different ingredients such as fresh fruit or cookies.

To finish off, whack the yogurt mix in a container and keep it in the freezer for at least four hours.

Check out the video for the instructions.

[YouTube - Bigger Bolder Baking]


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