Make Truly Excellent Hot Cocktails In A French Press

The French press is most commonly used to make cups of steaming coffee, but these self-straining devices can actually be used to whip up comforting, warming cocktails.

Photo by Quinn Dombrowski.

According to Bon Appetit, this seemingly one-use appliance is the perfect vessel for creating tasty hot toddies and the like. Just muddle your favourite aromatics — ginger, citrus, and whole cloves are great options — in the bottom of the press and pour in hot water or tea to draw out the flavours. Add honey, a squeeze of lemon, and your favourite liquor to a mug and — once the contents of your French press have steeped for about four minutes — pour the hot liquid in and give it a stir. The press will filter out any bits of clove that happen to be floating around, resulting in a delicious, super drinkable winter warmer.

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