Mac-to-Surface Migration Tool Released

Mac-to-Surface Migration Tool Released

Microsoft has quietly released a new tool for making the transition from a Mac to Windows easier. There’s no formal announcement about the tool but it looks to make the switch (back for many?) from a Mac to Windows smoother.

The Mac to Surface Asistant looks a lot like Apple’s Migration Assistant. It allows you to select what files and folders you want to move to your Surface device. Although, despite the name, I suspect it will help move from any Mac to any computer running Windows 10.

For what it’s worth, I work multi-platform and find most of what this new tool can do is handled by simply working with cloud services for email and file storage. But it’s a sign Microsoft is looking to expand market share by pulling back some of the people who switched to Mac when that was what the cool kids did.

Mac to Surface Asistant [Microsoft]


  • I wonder if anyone outside of the Microsoft marketing department will ever open the app.

  • Who needs a conversion tool? I use Windows at work, & Mac at home. My files sync via Dropbox, my mail, contacts & calendar via Google & Office 365

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