LinkedIn Adds Trending Storylines

LinkedIn Adds Trending Storylines

I’m going to admit something. I’m on LinkedIn but I really have no idea why any more. Adding to their social media for business and employment ads, they’ve now added Trending Storylines in an attempt to salvage some relevance .

Trending Storylines delivers “daily curated interest-based feeds about the most important developing stories in your industry”.

So, from being a place for business people to share what they’ve been doing, LinkedIn is morphing into – I don’t know. This seems like a desperate attempt for relevance for a platform that is being swamped by Facebook which delivers the ability to share updates, easily message friends and colleagues and catch the latest news.

Introducing Trending Storylines: Discover trending news and views on LinkedIn [LinkedIn Official Blog]


  • Linked-In’s pursuit of being more like Facebook seems counter-intuitive to me (but then, I am a bonehead)…
    It will just make it easier for FB to move into their space. Sometimes having a key point of difference is important and LI seems to have lost that somewhere…

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