Keep Waiting - Qantas Postpones In-flight Internet

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Qantas has been promising in-flight internet access on a limited number of domestic services for a little while now. But the trial is being delayed because of stability issues. Last November, Qantas said “We are very excited that we are a step closer to introducing our fast and free inflight Wi-Fi”.

Well, that step seems to be a little longer than expected. A scheduled media demonstration planned for today was pulled over the weekend.

The service was expected to deliver between 7Mbps and 12Mbps to each passenger with a partner deal locked in with Stan for streaming media with other services expected to follow.

Qantas cancels launch of free inflight Internet [Australian Business Traveller]


    Better than to be labelled the new Vodafail

    Why put in WiFi if the governments of the world are going to ban electronics on flights :P

      Only to certain brown people...but it's not targeted they say.

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