Interactive Map: How Melbourne Changed In 70 Years

Interactive Map: How Melbourne Changed In 70 Years

If your parents are anything like mine, they’re probably always banging on about how their home city was so much nicer and cleaner in their day. Now there’s an interactive bird’s-eye view map that lets you explore Melbourne as it was 70 years ago – and compare it to the modern day.

The map was created in JavaScript by amateur cartographer and presumed Melbourne fan Nathaniel Jeffrey. Jeffrey combined aerial photos of the city of Melbourne and surrounding areas from two time periods: now and 1945. You can quickly compare and contrast any section of the map by moving the slider. It’s also possible to zoom in for a slower look at each suburb.

Perhaps the most interesting revelation is how the city’s boundaries have continually crept outward as the population grew. Fascinating stuff. You can play around with the map yourself here.

[Via Gizmodo]


  • Wish you could zoom in closer… knowing a house existed on a property back in 1945 makes me want to look at details.
    I guess Google Maps has spoiled me.

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