How To Convert A 4:3 Presentation To Widescreen

How To Convert A 4:3 Presentation To Widescreen

While widescreen displays have been the standard for some time, you may want to wheel out some old PowerPoint slides for re-use. The trouble is, if you developed them for the old 4:3 display days, they’ll end up stretched and out of shape when displayed.

This handy guide from ZDNet can help convert them top widescreen without having to rebuild your presentation from scratch.

The first step is to ensure you always save an original and a compressed version of your deck. Then scale up your images to fill the slide. Other tips include using a transparent background graphic to fill the empty spaces, stretching edge elements to the edge and enlarging text, and checking the graphics that were on your master pages before you resize your slides.

You can check out the above steps in full detail and more besides by clicking on the link below.

How to convert a standard PowerPoint deck to widescreen in 30 minutes or less [ZDNet]