GoDaddy Launches Website Builder Aimed At Small Businesses

GoDaddy Launches Website Builder Aimed At Small Businesses
Image: Demo website from GoDaddy

The majority of businesses in Australia are at the smaller end of town and many of them still don’t have a website. GoDaddy has launched a new website building service to tap into the small business market.

According to GoDaddy, 61% of Australian small businesses still don’t have a website but 71% of them said they want to have one.

The company is now offering a subscription-based website building service that includes the cost of hosting as well.

While there are already a bunch of website creation services out there, one of the drawcards of the GoDaddy website builder is that users don’t have to supply their own images. Through a partnership with image provider Getty, websites can be pre-filled with stock images that are industry specific.

During the build process, users will fill out some basic information such as the name of the business and what industry it fits it. For example, if you specified your business fits into the childcare industry, the resulting website will be populated with coloured pencils and happy children; this was demonstrated at the launch event and the site creation process took around 10 minutes, all done on a smartphone.

Plans start from $8.99 per month for a barebones basic website. If you go up to the higher tiered plans you’ll get additional services like PayPal integration, SSL certificates, social media integration and SEO capabilities.

Mind you, there are drawbacks to GoDaddy’s website builder service. For one, you won’t be able to move your website elsewhere if you decide to switch hosting providers. Websites that are created are also static but then again that makes them low maintenance, which would likely suit the small business clientele.

GoDaddy is looking at adding new features, including plugins, later down the track.

You can find out more about the GoDaddy website builder service over at the official website. You can try the service for free for one month.