Get An Energy Boost With This Seven-Minute Yoga Routine

Get An Energy Boost With This Seven-Minute Yoga Routine

If mornings aren’t your thing or you’re prone to an afternoon lull, try this quick yoga routine aimed at boosting your energy. You don’t need any equipment and you can do this exercise even if you don’t have much room to move.

Since this routine is only seven minutes long, it only consists of a few poses. If you can’t check them out in the video above, here’s what you should do:

  • Shoulder Rolls: Stand with your feet hip width apart and your fingertips resting at your sides. Roll your shoulders up and back so you feel them start to relax down and backwards.
  • Arm Waves: Slowly bring your arms up in a circular motion and then lower them down. Repeat several times, taking a breath in when you raise your arms up and breathing out when you bring them down.
  • Head Nods: Gently move your head side to side in a “no” motion and up and down in a “yes” motion.
  • Forward Fold: Put your arms on your waist and slowly bend forward until you can let your arms hang and touch the ground with your fingertips. Point your toes out and swing your arms slowly side to side.

Besides giving you energy to start the day or recharge at work, you can also use this practice to keep yourself from crashing on the couch at the end of a long day. I tried this routine and felt energised enough to do a longer workout.

7-Minute Yoga Boost [Yoga with Adriene (YouTube)]

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