Eat An Egg Before Bed To Help You Sleep Better

Eat An Egg Before Bed To Help You Sleep Better

The next time you have trouble falling sleep, skip the warm milk and head for the egg carton instead. Eggs contain tryptophan; an amino acid that acts as a natural sedative. They also encourage the production of insulin, which helps neural pathways get tryptophan to the brain.

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The above tip comes from Michele Foley, a nutrition and fitness blogger for POPSUGAR Health & Fitness.

“Eggs are a good source of tryptophan, so have a hard-boiled egg alongside a cup of tea or a poached egg on whole grain bread to combine the power of your favorite sleep-inducing foods,” Foley explains.

Don’t like eggs? You could always try scoffing the bird that laid ’em instead. As Foley explains:

It’s not just [eggs] that contains tryptophan; all poultry does. If I’m hungry before bed, I’ll nibble on a piece of chicken or put sliced turkey onto a piece of whole wheat bread. Both are great foods to help you sleep!

There’s a veritable bistro of sleepy bedtime snack suggestions in Foley’s POPSUGAR post. You can also find plenty of insomnia-beating hacks via our “Sleep/” tag.

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    • All eggs except Raw eggs are delicious!! I say toughen up

      But soft boiled would be fine as well, the nutrients in the egg are still the same

      • Would probably prefer a raw egg over hard-boiled 😛 Come to think of it we used to have eggflips with raw egg in them, they were delicious.

        But yeah, wasn’t sure if there’d be some kind of change made by the cooking of the yolk.

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