Don’t Forget To Adjust Pot And Pan Size When You Reduce Recipes


Most meals I cook are for just two people, so I often end up scaling recipes down so we aren’t eating the same thing all week long. Here’s why I (and you) should make sure to adjust pot and pan size, too.

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When you use less ingredients, they take up less room in a pot or pan, which often means they will cook more quickly than your recipe lays out. Switch to a smaller vessel that better fits the amount you’re cooking. You should apply this to both volume and width. For example, when I use a frying pan for a scaled down recipe, I’ll opt for my smaller non-stick rather than my 30cm frying pan that I’d use for full scale recipes. If you don’t own pots or pans in varying sizes, then change cooking times or keep a closer eye on your dish so your food doesn’t end up overcooking.

3 Tips for Halving Any Recipe Like a Pro [The Kitchn]


  • Also don’t read the comments on the cooking site (if you are using one).

    I switched out the sugar for quinoa seeds and used half the flour and put some rice through a blender to make up the volume. Tasted shit, what a horrible recipe. 1 star.

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