Craft Your Own Clean And Simple Logo In Adobe Illustrator

Craft Your Own Clean And Simple Logo In Adobe Illustrator

Sometimes you need a logo. Sure, you might spend days, even weeks, perfecting the brand for your new business or product, but sometimes all you’re after is something straightforward, perhaps to help a website, poster or other design pop. In those cases, you might hit up Photoshop and go to town, but as Nathan Dodson explains in this clip, vector is the way to go, even if it takes a little more time.

The 25-minute long tutorial covers the basics of creating a logo in a “hipster” style, which involves retro-looking, clean and curvy shapes. Important points include breaking up text to make your design more flexible and leveraging paths to easily bend and distort elements.

There’s a written tutorial, which is a lot shorter and (unsurprisingly) doesn’t do as good a job at visualising the skills used, however, it does include links to some fonts — paid and free — that you can use.

Dodson mentions at the beginning of the video that he plans to do more of these “create-a-logo” tutorials over the course of the year, targeting different styles and techniques. So if this one doesn’t hit the mark, just keep an eye on his channel.

Create a Simple Hipster Logo Design in Illustrator — Retro Text Effect Vector Graphics [YouTube]

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