Briefly: Low-Carb Dinners, Zero Latency 2.0, Terraforming Mars

Image: Gizmodo

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: 26 low-carb dinner recipes, ANZ kills off American Express rewards cards, inside Zero Latency latest virtual-reality arcade game.

  • Here are 26 healthy low-carb recipes for easy weeknight dinners. [POPSUGAR Health & Fitness.]
  • There's a creeping problem with wages in Australia's economy, and only companies can fix it. [Business Insider]
  • NASA wants to launch a magnetic shield to restore atmosphere on Mars - a process that it reckons would take "a matter of years". [Gizmodo]
  • ANZ just killed off American Express rewards cards. [Business Insider]
  • Here are eight steps to designing your dream bedroom. [POPSUGAR Australia]
  • Zero Latency is a completely wireless, free roaming, warehouse-sized Virtual-reality experience built in Melbourne. It just went through a major revamp and the results are nothing short of spectacular. [Gizmodo]


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