Ask LH: Should I Buy The Samsung Galaxy S7 Or Galaxy S8?

Ask LH: Should I Buy The Samsung Galaxy S7 Or Galaxy S8?

Dear Lifehacker, My Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting a bit sad looking so it’s time for an upgrade. I’m a huge fan of this phone series and want to get another flagship model. Do you think I should buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 or pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8? Also, are there any “must-have” features for the S8 that I need to know about? Thanks, Sammy

Dear Sammy,

If you value the money in your wallet over having the shiniest new gadget, go for the Galaxy S7. Better yet, wait until the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes out on April 28 – and then buy the Galaxy S7.

As is invariably the case with flagship smartphones, the S7 will come down in price when the next-gen model hits stores. This is the smart way to purchase a new smartphone. Whether you’re buying outright or on a mobile contract, the savings should be substantial. Sure, it won’t be the “latest and greatest” smartphone, but in our books hundreds of extra dollars in your pocket trumps bragging rights.

As to the second part of your question, the Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts some significant improvements over its predecessor, but it’s nothing you won’t be able to live without. Its main claim to fame is a bezel-less “Infinity” display. This allows Samsung to cram a larger 5.8-inch screen into a physically smaller phone. You can read up on all the new S8 features and specifications here.

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  • I’d factor accessories into the purchasing decision – does budget stretch to a new case(s)? And what about chargers/cables if, as seems likely, they go to USB-C?
    And also remember that when the rumoured S8 hits the streets, they’ll be a good few S7’s hitting Gumtree etc. Substantial savings can be made.

  • Depends almost entirely on money imo. You can find the S7 for around 400$, but with the S8 you’re looking at around 800+. But keep in mind you’ll get faster performance, better camera(s), a bigger and better display, and possibly more. I decided to wait a couple months and get a Pixel XL instead of a Nexus 6P (coming from a Nexus 6), I was in the same boat either spending 400$ for last gens phone or 800$ for the newest. My advice is if you have the money then just wait, it’s only a couple of months away. My decision to wait was based on the fact that i would be happier waiting for the better phone than getting the 6P and then see the launch of the Pixel.

  • As life hacker suggests, wait for release and get anoticed S7.

    I had 2 Note 7s and can honestly say it was the best smart phone I’ve ever had. Post battery issues, I ended up purchasing an iphone 7 plus and was underwhelmed so bought a Mate 8 for giggles.. not bad but ended up buying a used S7 Edgemail as overall the screen and gui are second to none.
    Buy the S7 edge, used or hold out for 2-3months after release of the S8 and buy it for under a grand.

  • It’s going to be wise to wait a few months anyway. Samsung are notorious for making things that explode or catch fire.

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