How To Hide Cables In Plain Sight

How To Hide Cables In Plain Sight

Nobody likes unruly cables covering their walls, but sometimes they’re a necessary evil. One clever way to reduce the eyesore is to creatively hide the cables with unique arrangements. Unclutterer Forums member M Poush has provided another design inspiration.

Faced with having to run phone wire to get connected in the office, Poush turned the otherwise ugly and distracting black cable into the centre of a clever fake flower display:

We just moved our office into a larger room that does not have a phone jack. That means running wire from the other room for the modem and phone. Two ugly black cables hanging down were not the ideal, however. So I painted them dark green, and made some paper flowers on green pipe cleaners, then wrapped them around both cables, so it looks like a flowering vine. It’s still there, but now it’s decoration instead!

Flowers might not be your thing, but books, postcards or other items you can hang might be more to your tastes. Got your own creative cable solution you’ve stumbled upon? Discuss and link in the comments.

Photo by mpoush.