Why Your Dong Deserves A Masturbation Aid

Why Your Dong Deserves A Masturbation Aid

Nothing is more certain than the fact that men have been happily indulging in masturbation for millions of years: ever since only two legs were needed for walking and our hands got freed up.

And it’s a good thing too. There’s every reason to flog the log, from simple pleasure through to the prostate health outcomes of ejaculation, not to mention sexual benefits such as stamina training. So why settle for your boring ol’ hand?

Sometimes it feels good to include something extra in your solo play. (And no, that doesn’t have to mean trashing an old sock.) Using a specially-designed masturbator or realistic vagina sex toy can be a great way to help your brain focus on just your sexual sensations, rather than having to be hyper-aware of your grasp and hand movements.

For men who are experiencing overly-speedy orgasms, a realistic vagina toy is perfect for allowing you to practise your thrusting technique, stopping when you get near to orgasm to allow you come down from the brink, then thrusting again. After a few weeks of this kind of orgasm-delay stamina training you’ll find you can last much longer, increasing pleasure for yourself and maybe also a partner.

Masturbation toys aren’t just for secret solo play, either. Many couples enjoy using them together, with the partner experiencing a thrill from seeing their bloke’s pleasure as they use the toy on him. See-through toys are increasingly common and especially great in this situation, allowing the partner a sexy eyeful of the man’s donger moving within the toy.

If a “wristy” is taking longer than planned, switching to a masturbation toy can save some strain on the pleasure-giving partner’s part, as well as giving the receiving partner a fresh kind of stimulation which might help tip him over the edge.

Here’s the low-down on your schlong-satisfying options:

Stroker sleeves

These starter-level products are simple, stretchy tubes which have a ribbed or bobbled texture inside. Some are single use, unless you use a condom, while others can be cleaned and used multiple times. They don’t save any work for your hand, but they do add extra pleasing sensation – definitely better than a sock.

Pocket pussies

For something that looks and feels more like lady parts, but still won’t break the bank, a pocket pussy is just the job. These products are made from a material that’s described as ‘real-feel’ and they can even be warmed up in water so they’re close to skin temperature. They feature an entrance styled to look like labia (or, if you prefer, an anus) so you have the satisfaction of lifelike penetration.

The insides of pocket pussies are essentially canals, in the same way a vagina is, but styled and textured in a myriad of ways for different types of sensation. Some are designed to feel totally lifelike, while others are ribbed, bumped, or any combination of all of these. Other variants include extra-slimline canals for tightness, or assorted skin tones.

Realistic vaginas

The next level up develops the pocket pussy into something more substantial. The real-feel material quality is usually firmer, and design quality is higher, from the styling of the vagina entrance to the texture of the insides. These products are larger than pocket pussies, and some are long enough so that even guys with the longest dongers can get balls-deep satisfaction when thrusting.

Some realistic vaginas come in a casing for external rigidity and to disguise them when not in use, such as the well-known Fleshlight brand. Others have a more natural, supple feel and are more lightweight, so overall they can be more comfortable to grip for a length of time, and there are more flexible ways of holding and using them.

The THRUST Pro Ultra range of realistic vaginas is a good case in point, and they also give you the extra option of adding a bullet vibrator into the base for more stimulation.

Vagina and ass

If you’d like to be spoiled with the choice of both vagina and ass styled entrances, or if you want an experience that emulates penetrative sex even more closely, a larger vagina and ass toy could be right for you. These can be laid on your bed or another surface, and are styled either with booty up in a doggy-style pose, or hips up in good old missionary format.

Heavier on the wallet and in weight – anything from around 480g to over 5kg – these options are a more serious but potentially highly worthwhile investment in your solo pleasure.

Looking after all of the above products well is essential because of the kind of material they’re made from, which can gradually perish, so use the cleaning materials advised on the packaging. And remember, you’re going to need plenty of water-based lube to make your pleasure session as smooth and satisfying as possible.

Helen Self is a blogger and sex toy expert who writes for Lovehoney Australia.