12 Myths About Sex You Need To Stop Believing [Infographic]

12 Myths About Sex You Need To Stop Believing [Infographic]

Sex is kind of a big deal. It’s something we spend loads of time thinking about, engaging in and actively pursuing – yet bona fide experts on the topic remain few and far between. In short, most of us know dick about it.

This mostly-SFW infographic looks at 12 popular sexual misconceptions that continue to endure – from the importance of penis size to average frequency and duration.

The infographic below comes from the Greek Institute for the Study of Urological Diseases (IMOP), of all places. It details twelve common myths about sexuality and compares them to actual scientific findings. Based on this evidence, a lot of what we believe appears to be bollocks.

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  • Those who do what they do relating to ‘sex’ (which is only a word meaning a difference between male and female of every kind living on Earth) should be worded correctly because individuals do what they want to do when involved in sexual activities, that is because ‘experts’ don’t exist, neither do ‘myths’, only articles written and false interpretations spread since the day that people learned to write, read and spread stupid comments relating to creatures’ sexual body components and sexual activity.

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