The Most And Least Expensive US States For Short-Term Holiday Rentals

If you’re thinking of planning a holiday somewhere in the US for more than a couple of nights, renting a place through services like Airbnb can save you some money. These are the states that give you have the best and worst deals on short-term rentals.

Using data from over 16 million records on residential listings, apartment rentals and other short-term rentals, Datafiniti was able to build find the median rental price per night for each state. The East coast, it turns out, is the most expensive, with Rhode Island taking the top spot at $US165 ($216) a night. Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire and New York are all close behind. The cheapest states for holiday rentals are Oklahoma and Kansas at around $US70 ($92) a night, with North Dakota, Illinois and Iowa all within the same price range. You can see the complete data set at the link below, including information on the cheapest and most expensive cities for holiday rentals.

How To Use Airbnb To Live Anywhere

I'm so thankful that I can do my nomad thing in an era where now-indispensable travel resources like Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Wi-Fi and Airbnb exist. They make what I do entirely possible. With Airbnb, I can bounce around and set up a new home base in different countries with a few clicks of a button, and I don't have to pay out the wazoo for a hotel room. Without a doubt, Airbnb has been one juicy, giant cherry on top of my sweet travels.

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The Most and Least Expensive Cities for Short-Term Vacation Rentals in the U.S. [Datafiniti via Business Insider]

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