The Entire Field Of Mathematics, Summarised In One Map

Like most people, my knowledge of maths is limited to the skills I need to function in society. (I blame crappy high school teachers for that.) However, the diversity and implications of maths theory is truly fascinating if you're willing to give it a chance. This animated map breaks down the basics.

The video above was created by US physicist Dominic Walliman. It takes you through every major field of maths and explains how they all relate to one another. If you're keen to reignite your interest in mathematics, this video represents an effective and entertaining primer. You can then check out the sources he used at the links below.

References/Further Reading:

  1. Summary of mathematics
  2. Earliest human counting
  3. First use of zero
  4. First use of negative numbers
  5. Renaissance science
  6. History of complex numbers
  7. Proof that pi is irrational

[Via Gizmodo]

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    What is the utility of mathematics

      As in, what's the use of mathematics? Besides fundamentally being the language in which we understand the universe?

      I'm glad you asked that.

      The utility of mathematics is that it empowers people who understand mathematics to improve the situation of the human race, including stupid humans!

      I'll let you know next time I have to check my bank account.

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