The Dual PC Studio Workspace

The Dual PC Studio Workspace

Reader Jason submitted this desktop to our Featured Workspace Show-and-Tell Pool on Flickr, and this dual desktop, triple-display workspace gets a lot done in a modest space. One quick switch and he goes from his Mac to his PC. Here are some more photos.

The wide IKEA desk is a nice touch, especially since it has enough space under there to get comfortable while simultaneously giving him enough room to keep both computers and his headphones (two, one for each computer) under there. He also gets enough desk surface for his displays, speakers, and two sets of keyboards, which I can dig (sure, Synergy is a thing, but sometimes you just like having options!) Here’s a shot straight on:

Jason also does some audio work, and you can check out some of the gear he uses — and some nice guitars — in this shot below:

But of course, the space serves multiple purposes, so in addition to the work — and presumably play — those computers help him out with, and the music he makes with the audio gear, it’s also a studio, which you can see in action here:

It’s a great space, and considering he crams so much gear into it and makes it functional earns our seal of approval. If you dig it too, head over to his Flickr page (linked below) and let him know how much you like it too.

theJTL Workspace Early 2017 [Flickr]