The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Is Back! Back! BACK!

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES Is Back! Back! BACK!
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The Classic Mini NES is on sale at Target right now. There are no silly countdowns or website issues to navigate. Just click and buy! You can also get extra controllers for two-player games. Here’s the link to the sale.

Last Christmas was a tough time for Nintendo fans. The Great Mini NES Drought of ’16 forever changed a generation of men, women and children.

Years from now, veteran gamers will gather to trade war stories in hushed tones. How it brought EB Games to its knees, lined the pockets of evil scalpers and caused untold suffering to hundreds of thousands of innocent gamers. I was there, man.

The good news is that Target has finally received a fresh shipment of the console which it is selling for $99. Click here to buy. They also have official Nintendo Classic Mini controllers available.

There’s no telling how long stock will last, so we suggest you act now. (There’s a limit of one console per customer.)

Once more, unto the breach, my friends. May you finally find victory.

Update: Annnnnd, Target has sold out of consoles again. Better luck next time, eh?


  • Says they’re In stock online > add to cart ok > checkout crashes when trying to pay (credit card or PayPal). Another FAIL.

  • It seems that it’s sold out yet again.

    I added a console, a second controller and a pair of the controller extension cords to my cart, and attempted to make payment only for it to die at the last step.

    Rinse repeat a few times (switching to my mobile phone) only to find that the console itself is out of stock again.

    On a quick second glance, the controller is out of stock too.

    • I also had the same problems as previous posters … But i just bought a classic mini nes via ebgames website.right now. The last place that has the console as far as could find. Good Hunting.

  • I went to Target in Doncaster, they had heard nothing… so not in store, and online I lucked out as well, but EB Games came through online… finally

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