The Best Way To Rinse Mushrooms

The Best Way To Rinse Mushrooms

Some people will say that you shouldn’t rinse mushrooms because they absorb water and become difficult to cook. But it’s totally doable as long as you have a salad spinner and a few extra seconds to spare.

Photo by Claire Knights.

As J. Kenji López-Alt at Serious Eats explains, you don’t have to spend a ton of time wiping down your mushrooms with a paper towel, or need a special mushroom brush. It’s fine to rinse them as long as you do it right.

Wash your mushrooms in cold running water, then plop them in a salad spinner. Spin them until they’re as dry as possible, then prepare and cook them as you normally would. Add a few extra seconds of cook time to make up for the slight excess of moisture, and you’re all set. But only do this right before cooking since moisture shortens mushroom shelf life dramatically.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”Keep Mushrooms Fresh Longer By Storing Them In An Open Paper Bag” excerpt=”For most of us, the process of keeping food fresh in the fridge usually involves plastic bags, plastic wrap and/or a sealable plastic container. That’s actually a bad idea when it comes to mushrooms.”]

Knife Skills: How to Prepare Mushrooms (and Whether to Wash Them) [Serious Eats]

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