How To Open A Stubborn Jar When All Else Fails

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You've tried banging it on the counter, using a rubber grip, and handing it off to your super strong friend, but you still can't get that jar open. Here's what you do.

As you've probably know already, running the jar lid under hot water can help, but some lids need to be exposed to heat longer for it to actually work. So when all else fails, Sarah Jampel at Food52 recommends you try this trick:

Turn the jar upside down, submerge it in a bowl of hot water for a minute or two, and then use a boosted-traction method to twist it open.

You might have to refresh the water several times with more warm water for it to work - to maintain the heat - but eventually it should budge. With enough patience, no jar can defeat you.

How to Open the Stuck Jar Lid That's Actively Taunting You [Food52]


    Or just run the hot tap, tilt the jar and place the metal under the hot water only. 15-20 seconds, remove, dry the lip with a tea-towel and open.

    Slap the jar lid hard with the hand you will open it with, then quickly twist it off. This works every time

    Wedge a teaspoon or flat blade screwdriver between the glass and the lid and use as a lever release the vacuum lock. Works every time!

    Poke a hole in the lid with the point of a knife to release the vacuum inside. Then the lid comes off easily.

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