Tell Us: What’s Your Biggest Office Pet Peeve?

Does your colleague’s humming drive you mental? Is your cubicle neighbour’s mess overflowing onto your desk? We want to know all about what makes you Hulk rage at your workplace and, more importantly, what you do in order to stop yourself from going postal in the office.

If you work in an office, you spend most of your day trapped indoors with people who all have their own habits and quirks. Nobody’s perfect, but some of your co-workers’ habits undoubtedly piss you off more than others.

For those who have misophonia (where specific sounds trigger a flow of hatred), audible ticks of fellow co-workers such as whistling, tapping on tables and humming may make them want to rip their hair out. Others people’s messy desks may send neat freaks into a state of panic. There may be a borderline kleptomaniac who constantly steals your pens without returning them.

So tell us: what’s your biggest office pet peeve? What’s something you do to deal with it? Let us know in the comments.

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