Sydney Has Australia’s Most Affordable Internet

Sydney Has Australia’s Most Affordable Internet

Nah… can’t be.

I don’t believe it.

[Rubs eyes]

Yep, there it is. I guess it must be true. Alrighty.

Apparently Sydney is home to the most affordable internet in Australia.

Here’s a table showing the numbers for proof.

Can’t be…

Actually it makes sense in terms of the data. The numbers state that on average cities rank 6.5 points higher on the affordability scale compared to the rest of the state. Almost certainly to do with access.


Pretty surprised to see Melbourne ranked so low compared to the other cities, but I guess they have their nice coffee, sports and ‘culture’ to fall back on. They’ll survive. Rest easy Melbs, I’m sure you’ll win ‘most liveable city’ for the goddamn 100th year in a row.

Just let Sydney have this, will you? Jesus Christ let us have something.

Woo hoo! Most affordable internet! Yay!

You can read the full report here.


  • Wow. Give yourself a big pat on the back Sydney. Too bad just about everything else about the place is insanely expensive (rent, food, transport, parking… I could go on).

    Not to mention, I was in a major suburb in Sydney and couldn’t get internet due to there being no room in the exchange and also cabling problems at the exchange that Telstra was unwilling to fix cos ‘NBN is coming soon’. Turns out that ‘soon’ was 2 years away.

    We have since moved to Newcastle and never looked back. Fibre internet in most suburbs and actual affordable living (we got an un-lived in, 4 bedroom house for $150p/w less than our tiny 2 bedroom apartment in Sydney). Once you break that bubble of Sydney, your realise there is a whole other world out there and realise in just how many ways Sydney siders get screwed.

  • Might be cheaper, but how does it compare with speeds and throughput? What’s the point of having a cheaper service if the performance isn’t up to scratch? We all know internet speeds suffer for all sorts of reasons, which means there is little or no consistency in what you get for your money.

    In this instance, cost is a meaningless measure of value.

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